#SavePeopleNotPlanes: Red Lines for Aviation Bailouts

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You signed the airline bailouts petition. Now we’ve brought the lawyers in.

Hello, I’m getting in touch from climate charity Possible to say a massive thank you for taking the time to sign the petition about airline bailouts. Like you, we don’t think airlines should get a blank cheque—and we want to make sure the government listens. People want Covid-19 recovery measures to help build a fairer, greener, safer world for all of us. And right now, the government has a choice. They can choose to give billionaire tax exiles like Richard Branson a free ride, or to protect people and the planet. It’s clear which one people in the UK choose. If the government’s going to give bailouts to billionaire airline bosses, they need to include conditions to protect the climate. We want to make sure the government doesn’t get away with ignoring us—so our lawyers are on the case to back you up. This week our lawyers warned the government that bailouts for airlines without climate conditions would be open to legal challenge. The UK government has set a legally-binding goal of reaching net-zero by 2050, and we just won’t be able to reach that if airlines return to business-as-usual (let alone follow their plans to expand). Together, we’re going to be hard to ignore—our lawyers’ letter to the government was covered by nearly 150 papers across the UK, including the Daily Mail, Mirror and Independent! That’s it for now, but I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again - together we can win this! Ali and the Possible team PS: If you’re up for helping us build the pressure, can you write to your MP about this? We’ve produced a tool you can use, so it’ll only take two minutes: https://1010org.cp.bsd.net/co/aviation-bailout-write-to-mp Want to contact Possible? We'd love to hear from you! hello@wearepossible.org 

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2 years ago