Open Later To Supreme Court for Imran Khan

Open Later To Supreme Court for Imran Khan

April 10, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ali Sulhery


I may not have the required academic credentials or verified blue tick to count as pressure group, but I write to you as a Pakistani who cares about the country & our dignity. The case that you are hearing will decide the self esteem of each and everyone in Pakistan including yours and our collectively dignity as a Nation. 

On one side, there are common citizens of Pakistan who (arguably) haven't been this united politically ever for a cause. They are united because they finally felt a connection and ownership of Pakistan, because a leader stood up for them & said "Dosti Sab se, Ghulami kisi ki nahi". It might be a mere phrase but it gives Goosebumps to a common Pakistanis who had waited for this day for decades. 

Right after the "Absolutely Not" statement, a political party's Chairman goes on trip to a foreign country for more than a week without sharing any meeting details or the purpose of the trip. He meets officials of the country who admit that they meddle with Pakistan affairs. Series of meetups were then organized between foreign country's officials, opposition, Naaraz PTI MNAs and even our country's media personnel to plan this No Confidence Motion. 

The famous "letter" also mentions the Motion even before it was even filed in National Assembly. The most painful thing for you and me, and all Pakistanis around the World is this (paraphrased) line: "If No Confidence Motion against PM Imran Khan is successful, Pakistan will be Forgiven but if it's not, there will be consequences" Outrageous is such a small word for this. 75 years after independence, they can still say this to us? Why only PTI raised this & not any other party is pretty obvious. 

What's most important is where Pakistanis stand today; The Imran Khan who was blamed for Inflation became the biggest hero, for stance on sovereignty. Zinda Qaum Pakistan didn't just stop at this. They proved how much they care about things like Self Esteem, Dignity & Sovereignty by going to Islamabad Jalsa on March 27, 2022 in record numbers. The public opinion on social media & anywhere you go proved Nation's pulse. You ask a member of any segment of the society, they will say PM Imran Khan is right and we stand behind him for the sake of our Nation. I believe it was the first time ex Servicemen community spoke publicly in favor of a National Stance by a PM. 

Coming back to the timeline of events of foreign conspiracy ... the series of meetups and mention of No Confidence Motion in letter before it was filed is extremely suspicious. I agree that it may not be proof enough for the honorable court. 

However, after the National Security Committee (NSC) ruling that it was "blatant interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan by the country in question", how is there any doubt left that people who "continued" to support the Motion, were not part of foreign conspiracy. Do they not respect the National Security Committee (the highest Security forum of our country)? They refused to attend the Parliamentary briefing on the letter which could have given them all answers. 

Yesterday, DG ISPR responded to them that they stand by NSC's ruling. Again, after NSC ruling, shouldn't they be tried for treason (Ghaddari) because they continued with the Motion after knowing about "blatant interference"? Their recent attacks on institutions and pressure tactics shall also be strongly condemned. After Speaker's rejection of Motion based on Article 5, honorable court's taking this up is welcomed. 

Three things that are giving hope to millions that Pakistan's sovereignty stays are:

1) Article 69 which says "proceedings in Parliament shall not be called in question" 

2) Recent ruling of esteemed court that Parliament affairs are internal affairs, during recent "Tashreeh" exercise

3) Raza Rabbani who is asking court to intervene now is on record saying "Internal Proceedings of Parliament cannot be called in question by any court of law" 

I understand that the treason charge to all opposition members of Parliament may take a longer time to prove but letting the Parliament affairs stay internal per Constitution of 1973 is the hope of millions right now. It's our defining moment as a country. 

Opposition who was asking for fresh elections is now running away from Elections because they know that people won't forgive Ghaddars/Traitors. It will be extremely depressing if their pressure tactics overrule the pulse of Pakistan, strongly in favor of sovereignty. The amount of ownership people have started taking of Pakistan will be crushed to the point of no recovery or at least a very long recovery. 

The corrupt & selfish politicians who destroyed Pakistan are trying to come back and rule, it is the scariest feeling as a Pakistani. This is the same Mafia who has attacked the Supreme Court in the past, humiliated our institutions in their public Jalsas even including name of our chief. This is the same Mafia who meets enemies of Pakistan in foreign countries to hurt us in the gut. 

If they succeed in creating undue pressure, we all fail as citizens of Pakistan, our dignity will be dented. Elections would give equal chance to all parties, even they'll get a chance to use foreign influence again, but this time vs 22 crore Pakistanis! Thanks for your time! 
By Z Ali Sulheria 


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Signatures: 29Next Goal: 50
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