Decision Maker Response

Tom Mulcair’s response

Sep 23, 2015 — Thank you for signing the petition to help Syrian refugees. An NDP government will move immediately to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees by the end of 2015, and an additional 36,000 Syrian refugees over the next four years.

In response to the worst humanitarian situation since the end of World War II, Canada has not done its fair share on the global stage. While millions of refugees are desperately searching for a safe haven, Canada has refused to throw open its doors, welcoming fewer than 2,500 Syrian refugees over the past two years.

The UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants has said that Canada’s fair share would be 9,000 refugees a year. An NDP government will bring in 10,000 government assisted refugees this year, and then 9,000 government assisted refugees every year for the next four years. We will also encourage Canadians to contribute to the cause through private
sponsorship by speeding up processing of private sponsorships, with no cap.

We will also abide by the Federal Court’s decision and fully restore the Interim Federal Health Program to ensure that refugees have access to the healthcare they need once they arrive.

You can count on New Democrats to act swiftly and compassionately in response to humanitarian crises. Let's continue to work together to help those in need.

More details on our plan can be found by visiting:

Tom Mulcair
Leader, New Democratic Party of Canada