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Open a full and thorough investigation into Andy Woodward

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Andy Woodward the ex Crewe Footballer has recently gone public about his childhood abuse.  

What has not been made public is that Andy Woodward is an ex Police Officer.  He was dismissed from Lancashire Police on the 6th November 2016 for 12 counts of gross misconduct.

This related to an allegation he raped a girl who was the sister of a crime victim that Woodward was assigned as a family liaison officer.

CPS decided not to charge due to saying there is a lack of evidence (same as any other rape allegation)  although not all evidence appears not to have been taken into account including Andy Woodward's previous conduct and other allegations that were never investigated.

Andy Woodward's current partner had also reported to Police that she was sexually assaulted by Woodward, yet she dropped the allegation for some reason.  This was not before she had sent a number of text messages to the rape victim, telling her that Andy Woodward had sexually assaulted no less that 4 other girls SINCE he allegedly raped the above victim.  His partner also revealed that Andy Woodward has also sexually harassed a 14 year old girl who live at the same address as him (and still does) by making inappropriate sexual comments to her.  There are also two allegations of date rape, none of which has been investigated, all hidden by his clever smoke screen.

This is not a witch hunt, this is a serious allegation against a man that appears to have manipulated the media to cause a smoke screen to hide his own misconduct.  He contacted the national press one week after being sacked from Lancashire Police where his misconduct hearing was held in private.  It was held in private as Andy Woodward did not want his past made public, yet one week later he went to the media and went public anyway. 

What we are asking is, (for the safety of the 14 year old girl in question and the 4 other known victims), is for the Police and NSPCC to conduct a FULL investigation into Andy Woodward and the allegations against him.

More details including copies of the evidence can be seen here.

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