Bring "Green Dog" Recruiter Icon back

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I used to feel really motivated to bring new players to this game because my final goal was the Green Dog Icon/Recruiter Icon, I don't really like these new Recruiter Avatars, I think they're, ehm, "ok?", I mean, we already have UCP Avatars, Artist's Avatars are a lot cooler so I don't feel a real motivation to keep recruiting people just to get those Avatars.

I was 2 referrals left to get that dog, I thought "Hmmm, should I create some alts and try to grind for that Icon? that would be easier than recruiting new people..." then I thought "Nah, I rather doing this fair and square, not the way how many people got the dog", AND BOOM, at the very beginning of this new season it wasn't able to be claimed anymore, I don't think that I'm the only one who experienced that, maybe I am, I don't know, but for those who experienced this, and for me:

Please, bring that lovely doggie back.


Sorry if my orthography and grammar are too awful, I tried to express my thoughts and feelings the best way I could... Without Google Translate, that tool doesn't work correctly most of the time.

In case I'm the only one feeling this way, this petition might be kind of pointless, but if I get enough signs I think that would mean that I'm not alone on this, I don't even know if Onutrem would change his mind about it, sorry if at the very end, despite you help this cause, we don't get our goal.

Thank you for reading.

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