Recognition of the State of Palestine and Jerusalem as its capital

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It is time to stop the abuses and crimes of the State of Israel. It is time for the state of Palestine to be recognized according to the borders established before the illegal occupation established in 1967 after the Six Day War.
The Deal of Centery is an abuse that, in practice, removes Palestinian identity from their lands and allows illegal appropriation of the Jordan Valley and also does not allow Palestinians to have their country in fact and in law.
In the face of the serious threats made by the Israeli government, of illegal occupation with settlements in the West Bank that favors violence against the unarmed civilian population and the illegal and immoral encirclement of Gaza where human rights are being violated by the Israeli authority, this petition serves to request based on international law which has been violated by the State of Israel, the following:
a) The recognition of the State of Palestine as well as its independence proclaimed on November 15, 1988. It is supported by the recognition of 130 member countries of the United Nations made in 2012
b) The recognition of the city of Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine, for justice in the face of the loss of territory and the destruction of more than 600 Palestinian villages by immigrants in order to confiscate illegally and with the use of force and violence.
c) Compliance with Resolution 194 with application of sanctions to the State of Israel for obstructing and failing to comply with the aforementioned resolution duly approved on December 11, 1948 which guarantees the return of Palestinian refugees to their ancestral homes, which has been prevented from illegally and systematically by the Israeli authorities.
d) Finally, the application of sanctions for violations of essential human rights of the Palestinians by the State of Israel with systematic and continued dehumanization, such as access to medical care, exposure to violence by illegal Israeli settlers in the West Bank region (of responsibility) authorities because of the causal link), destruction of immovable property or illegal appropriation by Israeli settlers or authorities, illegal blocking of the Gaza Strip region and the transformation of that region into a concentration camp, as well as all violations resulting from the occupation and disrespect to the Oslo Accords.