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Petitioning ONU Carla Rossignoli

ONU: Help change the national socio economic policies to attend the poor people.

It will help change the socio economic policies to help attend more poor people and it will also help change personal attitudes for the benefit of people who are living in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty in Ecuador.

Letter to
ONU Carla Rossignoli
1. Change the national socio economic policies to attend the poor people.
2. Change personal attitudes for the benefit of people who are living in conditions of poverty and extreme poverty.
A few days ago on an Ecuadorian radio I heard a sad fact that happened in Ecuador recently. The news was about a single Indigenous mother with six children of different ages. Her older son who was 12 years old worked hard for few years to help her mother in some way to sustain the family. This family got the help from a foundation that is supporting poor people including Indigenous Peoples. One day the social worker for this foundation noticed something wrong with the boy and took him to the hospital. During the visit, it was discovered that he had a tumor in his head. He was submitted to a surgery, the tumor was extirpated but the boy became blind. He was at the hospital for few days before the mother was asked to take him home. The blind boy after too much suffering died and left his mother and his brothers and sisters without help. He was the head of the family and the one who looked after all of them. The social worker contacted her friends and networks to put together the money to buy the coffin and to pay the funerary services. She could not get a place at the cemetery to bury this boy due to the high cost of it. In her urgency to find a place she went to a village near the city and finally the family was able to bury the body. However after some days of this happening the social worker got a phone call from the village asking her to go and retire the buried body because the boy does did not belong to their village. The social worker was on the radio, sad and asking people to help this single mother and her siblings. She concluded her interview saying that there hundreds of people Indigenous and non Indigenous in the same situation or worse and that there are children especially the Indigenous ones who are suffering with 46% of mal nutrition and living under the poverty line. She would like to do more for people in need but the foundation does whatever the budget allows them to do. They accept donations and volunteers.
This piece of news brings to the table several social issues related to child labor, children and woman rights, human rights in general, poverty, extreme poverty, lack of comprehension and solidarity, inhuman ways of living, lack of education, lack of health, lack of food, lack of house, lack of joy and lack of acceptable life conditions, etc. All these social inequities are still happening anywhere despite of the existence of the National Constitution, the Universal Human Rights, the Millennium Development Goals, and the Committee on Racial Discrimination, the United Nations declaration for Indigenous Peoples Human Rights, the ILO Convention, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child among others. All of these national and international documents are concerned with the well being of the children and people in the world. However, it seems that in the real life is happening the opposite. I do believe that new times are coming and each country shall review and modify their policies and create new ones with an holistic approach to give more attention for those who are in need. But also each person can make the difference initiating her or his own change, putting more attention to the family, friends, visiting your neighborhood, knowing who they are, becoming organized to help each other, make a database of the neighborhood, being more human and caring more the others. This is not going to cost any money but is will take some of your time to rethink about your life and decide to change after overcoming your sentiment of selfness. Only then you will be ready to help and support our brothers and sisters having in mind that after all of us are human beings who deserve a life full of joy, tranquility and security.
I appeal to each one of you to read my petition and to sign it if you find that is valuable and doable. My hope is that some authorities may read this petition and try to make some changes in the policies and give real solutions to attend the poor people and the people themselves will decide to change. Each one of us can make the difference. Please help me in making this urgent change.