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Due to the overwhelming negative reaction by concerned residents about the proposed sale of "Fiddle Park" to developers, I have comprised the following statement. 

Are you concerned that the rapid proliferation of new development throughout your residential neighborhood and park lands surpasses the rate at which community, environmental, and infrastructure impact can properly be assessed?
Increased density is inevitable and, to some extent, even desirable; theoretically, it should prevent urban sprawl,and preserve adjacent green space.
We the concerned residents of Shelburne, Ontario, believe current growth in Shelburne's residential,recreational and park areas dangerously outpaces expansion of infrastructure and services (metro/fire/police/recreation) while conferring few ecological or affordable housing advantages.
With numerous, large homes and subdivisions already built or under construction in Shelburne , we question a non publicized and detailed plan and affordable housing justification. In fact, no affordable housing is being offered , instead, our park land is being sold to developers who will only build “formula design” developments that, when priced at market value, likely displace many of Shelburnes low to middle income residents.
Green space protects Shelburne and the neighboring villages and keeps them distinct places. It prevents urban sprawl, and helps preserve the unique shape and character of the town.
Shelburne residents have come to rely on the comfort,safety and affordability this town once offered. New residents moved here from large cities because they want to raise their families in a small Town that offered these qualities. By selling off our park areas to property developers, you are robbing residents of all aspects of small town living.
We the residents of Shelburne, oppose the sale of Fiddle Park to developers.