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My name is Shandel Shand I'm 26 born and raised in Toronto Ontario. A place I've been proud to call home. This is a picture of my mother in red with her sisters. My mother Rosie,  suffers from chronic pain having lived with fibromyalgia for 10 years. Doug Ford’s health care cuts hurt plenty of Canadians in Ontario.

My mom takes MANY chronic pain injections weekly to help her get through the week getting rid of some of the pain momentarily. The new health care cuts directed by PREMIER DOUG FORD suggests giving her 4 injection visits a year. As an alternative she will be prescribed more highly addictive, high risk warning opioids.

I write this petition in hopes to help not only my mother but the FUTURE of ONTARIO human beings. We are not in support of the provinces agenda and WILL BE HEARD, ACKNOWLEDGED, and FIND A SOLUTION. 


Patient Petition

To: The Legislation Assembly of Ontario


During arbitration with the ONTARIO MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, the ONTARIO GOVERNMENT, proposed to LIMIT public funding for injection treatments provided in community clinics, for patients with chronic pain, to 4 injections per visit, up to a maximum of 4 visits, per year. We, the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to prevent the passage of this proposal by the Ministry of Health that will severely RESTRICT the availability of this necessary medical treatment and may result in the closure of community clinics that treat patients with chronic pain.