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Tax credit to cloth diapering families.

It is important to provide a tax credit to families that choose to cloth diaper so we can eradicate the use of disposable diapers. They are contaminating our landfills with human waste that is not being treated properly. In the production process of disposable diapers they use 70% more water than washing cloth diapers at home. 4 million disposable diapers are sent to the landfills each day. One baby in diapers uses 5000 to 7000 diapers in the first two years that will take 500 years to decompose in our landfills. A cloth diapering family saves 9% more money a month than a family using disposable diapers. A tax credit will encourage families to use cloth diapers and potentially reduce the 3rd largest single item in our landfills.

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  • Ontario's Ministry of the Environment

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