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Refound for the fall semester Ontario Colleges

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As I write this document, Ontario Colleges are starting their fourth week of strike, and they don't even have a prediction about when it's going to be over. Our semester consists of 15 weeks, so we've lost 1/3 of it already. Since colleges and teachers doesn't come to an agreement, this petition has a simple objective: get the refund for the semester; main reasons are:

1: the colleges won't have time to compensate the lost classes, even if the strike ended today (we've lost one month, our classes were supposed to end at December 15 and be back in January 8, which is less than one month and also have a couple of holidays)

2: quality of education; teachers won't be able to cover all the program, and so the students will probably pass even without being tested, which can cause serious complications in the future.

3: finance complications: there is a considerable amount of international students who pay for their houses, healthcare, food, and other expenses to be able to have classes in Canada. What's the point of keeping them paying those high amounts if we are not having classes? 

There is a lot of other problems, Since we are thousands of students outside of the classes, and each one has it's personal concern. This petition is not asking to cancel the semester for everyone, Since there's people who really need to finish this one to graduate. What we are really proposing is: that the colleges offer for those who want the option of restart this semester in January, So we would have the 15 weeks that is programmed.

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