Justice for Alana Morris and Jorja Sheppard

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We are calling for Trevor Reid, Dawn Kilby, and Duane Lavigne to be charged with aggravated assault and for Duane Lavigne to also be charged for assault with a weapon. 

These three adults assaulted a group of minors, screaming racial slurs at them while doing so. The police have video evidence and have yet to charge any of the adults involved. Justice needs to be served. Racism and assault cannot and must not be tolerated. We urge the Ontario Provincial Police to take action and charge Reid, Kilby, and Lavigne. 

Dawn Kilby assaulted a 17 year old girl.

Trevor Reid held a minor down while other adults kicked the minor in the face.

Duane Lavigne dragged Alana Morris and Jorja Sheppard across the pavement by their hair, kicked and hit these minors, and used a sharp object to threaten the life of an 18 year old male who was present. 

An investigation has not taken place, no charges have been placed, we must do better.