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Ontario Provincial Government: Eliminate Licence Plate Stickers

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What does it cost to drive a car in Ontario these days? Well, when one considers the price of gas, repairs, regular oil and fluid changes, parking fees, winter tires, emissions tests, insurance, etc. it appears as though driving has become a restricted practice for the wealthy. If these routine expenses weren’t financially burdensome enough, we also have the addition of mandatory license plate stickers. Ontario is only one of 2 Provinces in Canada that has to pay for annual license plate stickers that are not associated with insurance or proof of registration. The Ministry of Transportation attempts to justify this purchase by saying that it to prove an emissions test has been completed. Aside from the fact that any mechanic that does this test has the ability to pass or fail your car based on a very subjective opinion, how does a test conducted every two years correlate with an annual sticker?

A claim has also been made that the revenue from these stickers finances road maintenance costs. As a tax paying citizen, I feel as though enough of my dollars have contributed to this cause, and if such funds are being distributed appropriately, there would be no need for the extra $90 contribution per driver, per year. As such, I truly believe that the only thing these stickers do is help fill the pockets of politicians who desperately need a pay-cut. This survey is my first step in attempting to do that.


When you go to pay $90 to renew your next license plate sticker, keep this true story in the back of your mind: I am Chef who has worked in provinces throughout our country. While cooking at one restaurant, I had the experience of preparing a $5000 meal to feed the mouths of only 12 Premiers, funded by the generous contributions of your tax dollars. If they have enough money to throw away on lavish dinners and drinks on a weekday, not to mention their high end hotel suites, hired security, and chauffeurs to drive them around in the nicest vehicles possible, then I think the taxes and additional fees are due for a price cut. This should include the pointless license plate stickers and e-tests. How did it get like this?  There will be no middle class soon if us Canadians continue to sit back and `be Canadian`.

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