Help Ontario's first responders to better interact with those with conditions like Autism!

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Conditions like Autism aren’t always recognizable to those who don’t know the signs. For someone with autism or caring for someone with autism, the scenario they likely fear the most involves an emergency situation where communication is hindered or not possible. Any number of emergencies, such as search and rescue, fire, medical emergency or a situation involving the police are all incidents where being able to identify yourself and communicate personal or medical information are critical. The goverment usually does not provide first responders any training for communicating or interacting with people who have these special needs.Now, with MedicAlert protection, there’s an effective way to identify the subscriber in an emergency situation, understand how to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation or reunite a lost subscriber with family or caregivers.

MedicAlert is a non-profit, registered Canadian charitable organization that offers valuable servies for those with conditions like Autism... Right now, emergency responders and police in some areas throughout Canada know to look for the authentic MedicAlert ID. If an individual with autism is unable to effectively communicate, the MedicAlert ID tells emergency responders and police what they need to know and empowers emergency response teams to make informed decisions. 

24/7 Emergency Hotline Medically-trained specialists are available to answer calls within five seconds and immediately supply police and emergency responders with the subscriber’s personal and medical profile. MedicAlert securely stores subscribers’ electronic medical and personal profiles on file and makes them available to emergency responders and police within seconds. This profile can include everything from known routines, anxiety triggers and de-escalation techniques to other medical conditions such as allergies. 

Family Notification When called, the 24-hour Emergency Hotline specialists immediately notify caregivers and family to let them know the situation and whereabouts of the subscriber, reducing stress for everyone. This service is available for members with other conditions such as Alzheimer's, Dimentia and Epliepsy as well.

The entire Province of Saskatchewan has committed to training thier first responders and allowing them access to MedicAlert's programs that already exist...yet Ontario has not. Let's ensure that all of Ontario's First Responders can have access to the crutial information they need to effectively interact with ,and better serve, Ontario's most vulnerable residents like those who are on the Autism Spectrum during emergency situations!

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