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Let's not erase names from Canadian History!

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I am very concerned with worldwide decisions to start erasing history, using the excuse that those specific leaders caused social injustice. I read today that ETFO intends to "remove the name of John A. Macdonald from public schools". They want to stop naming new schools after our first PM - will that extend into removing his name from history books and the curriculum entirely? This article claims that "Ontario teachers" want this, but did ETFO have ALL teachers in Ontario vote for this? This is a very important issue, and everyone in Ontario should have a voice.

I noticed that John A. MacDonald was not mentioned at all at Canada 150 celebrations, although he played a big part in forming the Confederation, and making Canada into the country that is today. It seems to me that, if he was a Liberal prime minister, his mistakes would have been swept under the carpet. EFTO seems to always favor and support the Liberal party or the NDP in everything. 

I am seeing a dangerous trend. If we start removing names from our history because they caused suffering to certain groups, that means removing most names of Canadian prime ministers from our history. Many of us do not want that. 

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