NO to "Open For Business" on Ontario License plates

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On April 1, 2019, the Doug Ford PC government confirmed that the Ontario license plate slogan “Yours to Discover” would be changed.

As this time, they have not alluded to what the new slogan will be, but have advised that “Open For Business” is one of the options. This is unacceptable.

Whereas the current “Yours to Discover” slogan has been in use since 1982 and may be in need of an update, it should still represent the beauty and people of Ontario. As such, it should remain neutral/apolitical. This is a decision that should be brought to the citizens of Ontario.

This petition is to demonstrate to the current provincial government that “Open For Business” is not an acceptable slogan to have on our license plates. It's political, short-sighted and generally unacceptable. The citizens of Ontario should not have to drive around with a political slogan on their license plates.