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Ontario NDP, it's time to endorse the Leap Manifesto

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All around Canada and the world, progressives are becoming increasingly electorally successful by doing what others have been unsuccessful at, and successfully motivating younger voters and disaffected voters to turn up to the polls in greater numbers. They have been accomplishing this by giving an answer to what these voters have been asking for: fighting for bold policies that address climate change, income inequality, and human rights issues.

In British Columbia, progressives were successful in the provincial election in no small part by boldly opposing projects that commit to increased greenhouse gas emissions and threaten the environment.

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party, under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, saw the largest increase in their share of the vote since 1945. This was in no small part due to dramatically increasing youth voter turnout by outlining bold and clear policies that address income inequality with measures such as abolishing tuition fees and increasing the minimum wage to £10 (approximately 17 Canadian dollars).

If the Ontario NDP intends to increase turnout of younger voters in order to win enough seats to form the next Ontario government in 2018, they are going to have to endorse a vision that undoubtedly appeals to these voters.

Fortunately for the Ontario NDP, there is a vision already outlined that calls for exactly what these voters have been asking for: an end to the use of fossil fuels, respect for Indigenous rights, and a restructuring of the Canadian economy to address income, racial and gender inequality. This vision is the Leap Manifesto:

Please sign this petition calling on the Ontario New Democratic Party to endorse the Leap Manifesto!

This petition was created by Grassroots Ecosocialist Action, a grassroots group of concerned citizens that are not officially affiliated with the Leap Manifesto.

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