Objection to an Eight-Storey Apartment Building on Wharf/Annland St (Pickering) #PL171171

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2388116 Ontario Inc. has proposed to build an eight-storey apartment building with 118 units at 1280, 1288-1294 Wharf Street and 607 Annland Street (OMB Case No PL171171).

We, the residents of Pickering and surrounding areas within Ontario, strongly oppose the development of an eight-storey condominium in a single-family residential area due to numerous factors that stand to threaten our community vision, values and quality of life.

Currently, the open views to Frenchman’s Bay from Liverpool Road, south of Annland Street, are considered to be of primary importance to the establishment and preservation of a sense of place to the waterfront. An eight-story building would fundamentally and detrimentally change the skyline of the tourist area of Pickering. This building would permanently change the texture of the area and overshadow our community's beauty.

All homes in this area vary between one and three storeys. A condominium will disrupt the privacy of neighboring homes, and negatively impact the property values of all houses in the area.

Perhaps most importantly, this area is not equipped to handle a large influx of new residents. Liverpool Road and its connecting streets cannot accommodate any more increased traffic congestion. Not only will rush hour traffic in and out of the area become unacceptably difficult, but the ability of emergency responders to aid residents in urgent need will be slowed down significantly. This will put residents lives at risk, particularly during the summer months when the area already experiences exceptionally high traffic in and around the waterfront. 

Furthermore, this proposal does not consider the fact that our Hydro relies on antiquated infrastructure. This area already suffers from unacceptably frequent power interruptions and the City has no plans to keep up with the overwhelming power demands.

Finally, this building will threaten local wildlife and the much needed green space that helps absorb the extra rainfall in an already flood-prone area.

Please sign this petition to oppose this proposal.

We also ask that residents attend the OMB hearing on July 29, 2019 at 10:30am at the City of Pickering Civic Complex, Council Chambers, 1 The Esplanade, Pickering, ON L1V 6K7. The hearing will last six days in length.