Removal of Dean Lapierre & Rick Parè from Windsor Minor Hockey

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This petition is calling for  Ontario Minor Hockey Association to step in and remove the President ( Dean Lapierre) & Vice Presents (Rick Parè). This leadership group has bullied and harassed volunteers and parents for to long. Windsor Minor Hockey Association has been on a steady decline for over the past 20 year of the 50 + year history. The constitution is not inline with corporate laws and protects the president for the last 20 years. Nobody should be in charge of a non profit association as long as these two have. It’s time for a change for the kids, the parents & the volunteers. This leadership group has been apart of multiple scandals from money missing to ongoing issues. They have made a mockery of the OMHA and minor Hockey in the Bluewater area. Windsor Minor Hockey has lost a lot of good volunteers and players for years because of these two. It time for change and support the good volunteers that are still working for change. The number one thing here is THE KIDS which they have proven over the years they are not in this for them.  If this petition gets 1000 + signatures it will be sent to Ontario Minor Hockey Association asking for them to remove both.  Please help the kids play the  great Canadian game of Hockey.