Add Active Transportation Infrastructure to the West Street Bridge over Highway 11

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The West Street / Burnside Road bridge, over Highway 11 near Canadian Tire, is slated for reconstruction, with public information centres beginning in June 2019. The bridge has no infrastructure for cycling, and the walkway on the east side of the bridge is meager at best, and is rarely cleared of snow during winter. Any reconstruction of this bridge must have infrastructure to support active transportation.

The West Street / Burnside Road bridge is the only passage over Highway 11 in the north part of Orillia. It connects Orillians to shops and services at the Orillia Square Mall, and is the primary connection for cyclists passing between Orillia and Severn Township. Failing to provide infrastructure here, for pedestrians and cyclists, would be incredibly short-sighted, especially in the era of climate change and rising health issues such as diabetes and obesity. 

The MTO recognized the importance of active transportation when it replaced Orillia's Old Barrie Road bridge, installing a wide multi-use trail along the south side of that bridge. We ask the MTO to do the same with the West Street / Burnside Road bridge.