Protect the aquifer that holds the cleanest water in the world!

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The Teedon Gravel Pit in Waverley used to be a small gravel pit.  Since 2009 they have intermittently been using a well and wash pond to take a combined maximum of 6.8 million litres of water each day for up to 210 days as is allowed by their current permit. This permit expires in April 2018.  Concerns and comments are currently being considered to renew this water taking permit.

Neighbours have listed numerous complaints with personal well quality, noise and vibration since 2010.

The location of the gravel pit is the filter bed for the cleanest ground water in the world as confirmed by geochemist William Shotyk during the communities fight against a landfill (Site 41) proposed in the same area.

The gravel pit is currently licenced to extract 600,000 tones of aggregate annually, however old owners were not using the quarry at that capacity in the past.  New owners Dufferin Aggregates also propose to double the size of the existing quarry. While extracting aggregate, the company will dig down to 1.5 meters of the water table.

The numerous environmental implications of removing this aggregate which filters rain water supporting many artesian wells including the Elmvale Springhouse wells on Hwy 27, and the risks of water contamination from quarry operations as well as the inescapable fact that the cleanest drinking water in the world is being used to wash DIRT is too big a price to pay for gravel. 

This petition will be provided to local government, provincial government, Ministry of Natural Resources and Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.