Resume the splake stocking program in Otter Lake.

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During the 80s and 90s Otter Lake in Rideau Lakes township (Kemptville district) was stocked with splake. This was a direct result of losing our winter lake trout fishery in eastern Ontario, with a few exceptions outlined in our regulations. Splake were stocked in numerous lakes in the area to replace and supplement our winter trout angling opportunities through a very simple "put and take" system. Excellent water quality and an abundance of forage fish was a recipe for success in Otter lake and the hybrid trout fared very well. Yellow perch and lake herring (Cisco) were the preferred diet in Otter lake and the splake grew quickly and always had a robust, healthy body once they hit two years of age. They were fairly easy to catch and offered great table fare.

The most important factor for Otter's winter splake fishery was excellent public access via the municipal boat launch on highway 15, thus achieving the goal of providing a replacement trout fishery for the public that we could actually use. For some reason through the 90s, splake stocking ceased and rainbow trout were tried for a few years and then they too were halted. 

Now fast forward to present day. Our three main lakes in the area that still have active splake stocking are Indian, Dog and Upper Rock. Dog and Upper Rock (actually in Peterborough district) have good access for the public in the winter months, however Indian lake does not. Indian lake at only 266 hectares, has had more than 100000 splake stocked in it the past three years. 

We would like to see Otter Lake added back on the splake stocking program for the Kemptville district. Simply taking half the fish that are planted annually in Indian lake, and placing them in Otter lake would once again allow us winter trout angling, and would not cost the MNRF much more than they currently expend. These fish belong to the public, why not stock them where we can catch them?