Equal Access to RxTx for Ontario

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RxTx is an important tool for health professionals and a legislated mandatory resource for Ontario pharmacies. It is an integrated search tool that combines drug (Rx) and therapeutic (Tx) databases from the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA) and is used by doctors, pharmacists, and healthcare professionals across Canada. The significant decisions medical professionals need to make for patient care can be enhanced and assisted by having this electronic resource at their fingertips.

Access is available at all 145 Ontario Hospitals (224 sites). However, not all those that need the resource are able to access it. For example: 

  • RxTx is needed by paramedics who are not able to budget for this resource.
  • Some Northern hospitals lack the electronic version of the resource, which means they do not get up-to-date information on drugs and therapies for their patients.
  • RxTx is required at all Long Term Care facilities but they tend to buy one print version instead of the e-version, which means they might miss updated information.
  • First Nations clinics do not have access RxTx nor the budget to buy it.

The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-term Care, as the ministry responsible for healthcare, should take over responsibilities for the licensing of RxTx for all hospitals, and extend access to healthcare organizations and institutions unable to budget for this resource (e.g. All paramedics, all long-term care facilities, all First Nations, Metis and Inuit health clinics in Ontario)

Ontario Hospitals spent a total of approximately $300,000 for licensing RxTx. Collective bargaining for better pricing for all Ontario hospitals and potentially other healthcare institutions would mean a better price and less tax-payer money spent.

We want all Ontario healthcare professionals to have the best and most current information on drugs and therapies so they can make the best decisions for our health. If the Ministry of Health and Long-Term care takes over licensing and access to RxTx for healthcare institutions in Ontario, it would mean equal access to quality and up-to-date healthcare information for all healthcare professionals.

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