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Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care: Provide OHIP covered assisted reproductive (fertility) treatments to everyone

Infertility is a significant medical condition like anything else which currently affects 1 in 6 couples.  In 40% of cases the problem is with the male.  The last resort or only option for some is In-vitro fertilization (IVF) which has a high success rate however it is the most expensive fertility treatments and therefore out of reach for many who need it.  The province of Ontario could save hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term health care expenses by making this procedure fully available for all those in need rather than providing coverage for only women with one condition (complete bilateral anatomical fallopian tube blockage).  The government’s stance does not promote gender equality and is simply discrimination!  We need to keep the conversation going to get the results we want.  It worked in Quebec, it can work here.  OHIP covered assisted reproductive treatments is: the right thing to do.

This isn’t only about reproductive treatment it is about the access to universal health care —a health care system which provides health care and financial protection to all its citizens. It is organized around providing a specified package of benefits to all members of a society with the end goal of providing financial risk protection, improved access to health services, and improved health outcomes.


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