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Stop the employment of inefficient Secondary School teachers in Ontario

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Education is the most crucial building block in a child's development. Without school, they cannot enter post secondary or pursue a meaningful career. Although, children have been given the right to an education, they sometimes fail in the privilege of having good teachers. 

In Secondary school, having a good teacher is crucial as some teach the foundation for subjects that are crucial in Post Secondary. Now what happens when a student has an apathetic teacher that does not each teach efficiently? The fundamentals that every student deserves are destroyed by a teacher that doesn't care enough.

I personally had a teacher that I complained about many times along with other students but nothing was done to solve the issue. Instead the teacher continued to show up late for class, spend most periods sitting around and not teaching until the last ten minutes of the class. This teacher was only one of many, is this who you would want teaching your child.


Create a system where students can submit complaints and reviews of teachers.

This system could be online, or an in school system. Just an anonymous page where students can tell the institution at which they study how they may feel about a certain educator 

Actually take student complaints into account

When people complained about a teacher at my school it was hardly ever taken  seriously. Once in a while a reviewer would come in to inspect a teachers efficiency which always seemed to be fine because on those days the teacher was informed and acted perfectly. Instead, teachers should conduct proper reviews of teachers if enough complains are received, including assessments, interviews with students, and whatever else it might take.

The future of students all over Ontario rests in your hands. Please sign.



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