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The Physical Education course needs to be changed; something needs to be done. Potentially, make the course optional, or at least implement a requirement that students of the same physical capabilities need to be in the same class. Students need to be treated fairly in every course, so why is physical education any different. 

Physical Education is a mandatory course throughout grade 1-9. It is deemed to help introduce a healthier lifestyle to children in forms of providing various physical activities to do. It may seem helpful on the surface, but in reality, it is rather painful and unfun for students. 

Every subject can be taught and needs to be taught in a variety of ways so that each and every student can learn within the school system. Each student is said to be different and needs personal approaches in order for them to be successful in school. However, Phys. Ed. seems to forget that. Every student is expected to perform in the same manner. There is a single standard for every type of students, which is problematic. 

Students of every shape and form are put in the same class. Students that are incredibly athletic get paired with students that are physically unable to keep up. As a result, not only do the athletic kids become uninterested in the course, students that can't perform well become less and less self-confident in their abilities. 

A course that is meant to teach children to love exercise, seems to actually make students hate it. The extremely low standards for some appear extremely high for others. And none of the two groups can do anything about it, as that is just how the course is made.

Of course, every gym teacher says that you are graded on how much you try. But then why is there always rubrics showing what is an expected result and what is a fail. Why are students that try so hard to get to that mark punished because of the way their bodies work?

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