Petition to cover mind influencing technologies in high school curriculum

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Due to technological advances which increase the ease of using mind influencing technologies in increasingly automated manners, and in order for students to be able to effectively participate in democratic debate and technological advancement, all science curriculum should be reviewed for opportunities to incorporate neurotechnology-related concepts. Specific examples should include: 1) event-related potentials and neural stimulation in biology; 2) microwave hearing in physics; 3) as much as 1 entire class in history drawing the story from Nicolas Tesla to present; and 4) implications of mind influencing technologies (sonic and microwave) for free speech and free thought, both in political processes and media, in particular inclusive of machine learning risks.

Each signature indicates support for the Anti-Brainwashing League’s petition for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to pass legislation which charges the Ministry of Education with the responsibility to meet this agenda to introduce curriculum at the high school level related to beyond-incipient neurotechnologies which pose many risks (not limited to brainwashing), with follow-up to ensure continuous improvement and prevent subversion. Local school boards, individual schools and individual teachers are all also empowered to introduce such materials as are aligned with existing curriculum.

An equivalent of 2-10 teaching periods through high school is suggested for suitable integration with existing materials and learning objectives.