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The Ontario Government is delaying March Break for the 2020/2021 school year this year. 

This petition is to show the Ontario Government and the Ontario Ministry of Education that parents want to keep March Break for our Children, Teachers and education workers in place, on the dates it is supposed to be on in MARCH.

Whether our children have been learning remotely for the entire year or attending in-person education, they need the break. They have been working diligently on their education alongside the teachers and education workers that stick their necks out everyday learning to navigate this new system of learning and teaching. 

The benefits of breaks for children, teachers and education workers have been researched time and time again. Breaks are important for mental health, physical health, economical reasons, productivity and much more. Changing or delaying them away can have devastating consequences to more than just mental health. 

Enough has been changed, delayed and uprooted from our children, teachers and education workers lives this year, don't take away delay their chance to relax and enjoy yet another yearly tradition.