Keswick Public School needs more support staff!!!!

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Keswick Public School needs more help!!!  I'm just a lunch monitor mom with a daughter in grade 1 and we love Keswick Public School!  This school unfortunately needs more support!  Keswick Public is full inclusion and welcomes every child that wants to learn French! There are some children that would seriously benefit from having extra help like an EA or ECE and this school has been denied any! We have ONE amazing CYW and I don't know what we would do without her. But we need more help!!  Keswick Public is not an Elite school or the snob school only for the brightest.  This school is for every child that wants to learn English and French! EVERY STUDENT would benefit from having more support in the school!!  We need to show the higher ups that the northern schools need to be heard and need more help!!!!   Please sign this petition and help me help our schools!