Deploy remote learning for kids in Ontario during Covid-19 times

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We want our kids to get the education they need and deserve even in times of crisis.

We are asking that schools and teachers are allowed to use resources they have been using on a regular basis during school year, such as Google Classroom and any video conferencing tools, to contact, teach and support their students. 

Ontario kids are stranded due to the COVID-19 and will be for the foreseeable future. We would like to make sure they receive the education they are entitled to.

Many countries have already taken measures to ensure this is happening and started online education programs. There is no reason for Ontario to lag. We have the technical resources and the infrastructure to support it. We are using it on a regular basis. 

So far the info and resources provided by the Ministry of Education and the School Boards are insufficient and we hear very little about their future plans. 

It is not a valid expectation that parents engage in home schooling these days. It is a task for the Ministry of Education to fulfill, and so far, it has been poorly done. 

Please join us and sign this petition which will be sent out to the Ministry of Education once we achieve >100 signatures.

Thank you and stay safe!