Black youth in foster care need culturally sensitive essentials

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Elimination of the Ontario Child Advocate Office

The Progressive Conservative government of Ontario announced last week they will be closing the Ontario Child Advocate's (OCA) office. "The OCA receive calls and messages from young people that cover a range of issues - from complaints about being mistreated in facility, to an invasion of their privacy or safety, or wanting to learn more about their culture or religion. Young people also call seeking answers to questions about their rights when decisions are being made about their lives". This devastating news will put children and youth in this province at greater risk. Contact your local MPP to advocate for the importance of the Ontario Child Advocate's office for the safety and well-being of the children and youth, as well as rely on the OCA service as an integral part of their already strained support system. Takiyah Sobion Child & Youth Care Advocate & Founder of Natural Kids Movement

Natural Kids Movement
4 years ago