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Small Flock Regulation must ensure that CFO serves the greater good of the public; Small Flocker’s rights are protected, and they’re a viable alternative to the quota-based chicken factory system.

The affordability of chicken for minimum wage earners has been significantly and consistently dropping; down by a total of 31.7% from 1995 to 2005.

For those living in poverty (ie. at the Low Income Cut-Off), chicken affordability has dropped 16% in the last 14 years (1997 - 2011).

For all families that filed a T-1 tax filed in Ontario Canada, chicken affordability has dropped 13.5% between 2000 and 2011.

Chicken Farmers of Ontario ("CFO") is a lobby group for the 1,100 millionaire chicken farmers in Ontario.  CFO thinks they can do as they please, in the best interest of their millionaire members.

However, CFO has been delegated government authority to operate the Chicken Supply Management System for Ontario, and we believe that CFO has a duty to serve the greater good of the public.  In spite of this, CFO has a conflict of interest, and has failed to adequately manage numerous critical issues in the chicken supply management system of Ontario, such as:   a) Retail chicken price inflation;   b) Chicken affordability by all classes and regions in Ontario;   c) Food safety;   d) Improper use of antibiotics, drugs, and chemicals to grow quota-based factory chicken;   e) Bacterial contamination and Superbugs on raw chicken;   f) Locally grown food;   g) Rights and freedoms of small flock chicken farmers; and many other important issues.

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