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Amend the Highway Traffic Act to require life-saving sideguards on trucks.

1. Side guards are a legal requirement in the U.K. and in Europe to reduce injuries to pedestrians and cyclists;
2. Large trucks are involved in the death of approximately 20% of all cyclist fatalities in Canada;
3. The Ontario Government's responsibility is to set standards for vehicles that operate on our roads;
4. The Coroner's report of 1998 into the death of Toronto cyclists (1986-1998) found that large vehicles were involved in 37 per cent of collisions resulting in cyclist fatalities (compared with only eight per cent of collisions resulting in cyclist injuries); and therefore recommended that Transport Canada investigate the feasibility of requiring large trucks to have side guards. (Recommendations for reducing cycling injuries and death Prepared by: W. J. Lucas, M.D., C.C.F.P. Regional Coroner for Toronto July 1, 1998)

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    Hon. Bob Chiarelli

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