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Refuse to give the city of Cornwall, Ontario permission to kill coyotes

After a dog was allegedly attacked by a coyote in Cornwall, residents living in Earmers Corners are up in arms. Fear and a lack of understanding of coyote behaviour have driven some individuals to lobby the city of Cornwall and the outcome isn't pretty.

In a recent article in the Standard-Freeholder, in response to complaints about coyote sightings, Cornwall staff shockingly recommended the hiring of a trapper to kill approximately 5 coyotes living in this area. The city intends on asking for permission from the Ontario government (Ministry of Natural Resources) to take lethal action. If approval is given, the city will use a trapper already on contract to kill the coyotes.

This type of reckless reactive behavior is not only a death sentence for coyotes, it brings cruel and dangerous traps closer than ever to residents and their pets. Leg-hold, Conibear and snare traps are much more dangerous to local pets and children than coyotes!

Founder and coyote expert from Coyote Watch Canada, Lesley Sampson says, "Any such violent moves towards granting this third party access to trapping is setting a very dangerous precedent for our coyotes and other wildlife. Sanctuary, compassion and tolerance will be replaced by ignorance and more deaths because municipalities are not enforcing their own by-laws and not conducting investigations by impartial and experienced coyote experts to identify and mitigate coyote attractants."

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  • Ontario Minister of Natural Resources Honourable Michael Gravelle

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