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Lower the Tuition Fee of Post-Secondary Education

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Many high school students will choose post-secondary education as their destination past high school. The costs of going to said places are getting higher and higher. With the costs of tuition, textbooks, rent and other necessities, the debt can start pilling on fast. This can impact the student in many negative ways. Students have to worry about their debt which can affect how they perform in school. They need to take out loans which will just add to the debt pile. These students may even get part-time jobs in order to help combat the debt. This makes it so that the students are less focused in school which can result in poorer results. Even if they don't get a part-time job, or have economic support, they will graduate with tons of debt they will need to pay off in the future. If the costs of tuition were lower, these students can have more leeway in what they do. This can allow students to focus more on their education, and less on how they're going to pay off the debt. Overall, there are a lot of positive to lower tuition costs and it can overall benefit society. 

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