Keep ontario gyms open

Keep ontario gyms open

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Ontario Liberal Party

Why this petition matters

Started by Sarah Tetlock

With this pandemic carrying on with no end seeming to be in sight I am asking that everyone join together in forcing the ontario government to allow gyms to remain open. 

Gyms are a low contact environment many of which large enough to easily accommodate social distancing measures. 

A large majority if not all people who go to the gym are doing so to maintain not only physical but mental health as well. People with muscular injuries are able to keep themselves from daily pain by ensuring their muscles stay strong. 

Mentally the gym is a healthy way to deal with daily stresses with the pandemic being a large contributor. Closing the gyms leaves people with no outlet which will ultimately cause more harm than good. 

Sign this petition if you also feel that this is not the best way to help ontarians and that the government is wrong for doing so.

47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!