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Drastic cuts to refugee health care coverage in Canada are leaving people in Ontario without access to proper medications and health care services. These cuts mean that some individuals will not even be able to get access to healthcare in the event of a heart attack! Quebec and Manitoba have both stepped up to provide healthcare for refugees and refugee claimants. As candiates for the Ontario Liberal Leadership, we ask you to step up and FILL THE IFH GAP.

Letter to
Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Gerard Kennedy
Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Charles Sousa
MPP, Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Glen Murray
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MPP, Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Eric Hoskins
MPP Kathleen Wynne
Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Kathleen Wynne
MPP Harinder Takhar
Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Harinder Takhar
Candidate for Ontario Liberal Leadership Sandra Pupatello
Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne
The year 2012 marked the introduction of drastic cuts to refugee health care coverage in Canada, and a subsequent outcry from healthcare workers and concerned community members living in Ontario and across the country. These cuts mean a man in Saskatchewan was denied chemotherapy for his cancer treatment, pregnant women have been denied coverage for their deliveries, countless refugees and claimants have been cut off from access to medications and now, those seeking refuge from countries Jason Kenney, our Federal Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, has designated as ‘safe’ will not be able to get care even for a heart attack.

In the wake of these cuts, Quebec has stepped up to fill the gap by providing health care coverage for refugees. Manitoba has said they will do the same and send the Feds the bill. Saskatchewan has called for a review of the cuts and provided chemotherapy for a dying man. People living in Ontario have demonstrated that this is an issue close to their hearts, and yet, we have seen no action from the Ontario government. As the potential future Premier of this province, the health of all people in this province will be your responsibility. Ontarians have already demonstrated that they care greatly about this issue and will be closely watching what each of you has to say about it. We are asking you to make a public statement committing to fill the gap left in the wake of these cuts. If Quebec and Manitoba can do it, why can’t we?

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