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Revoke Bill 115 -- Put Students First

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We the students of Ontario. strongly believe that the passing of Bill 115 and in particular its restraints on the ability of teachers to strike is morally wrong. A society where the ability to strike can be revoked based upon the agenda of the governing provincial party regardless of what those affected think, is reckless. Although the "Right to strike" is not a constitutional right, in our nation it is generally accepted as one of the tenets of a free and fair society with modern working conditions. Without the right to strike, workers unions become useless. We urge the Ontario legislature, the Ministry of Education and Education minister Laurel Broten to not forget what working conditions were like only a century ago and the role that unions and the right to protest played in our modern labor laws.

For these reasons and many others we strongly believe that Bill 115 should be revoked and will continue to exercise our right to strike as students on behalf of our teachers, until the provincial legislature modifies the "Putting Students First Act" so that the bill actually takes into account the opinion of students it claims to represent.

Repeal Bill 115 and allow teachers to negotiate their own contracts!

P.S: It is also particularly important that we ensure the rights of our teachers are restored so that the impromptu "Work to Rule" that has been occurring ends promptly. Students rely on extra curriculars for scholarships and to get into universities.


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