Make Ontario reverse the new intoxication excuse for sexual assault and violence

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Today, May 4th 2020, the Ontario Government, Ford’s government, quietly passed legislature that is telling survivors that our experience with sexual assault and sexual violence is invalidated and ultimately not real or accurate because our attacker(s) was potentially intoxicated. That because the person(s) who attacked us had been drinking or was otherwise intoxicated, it was okay to have done what they did. That intoxication can be used as a defence in a trial or case against survivors.

I don’t know about you, but this infuriates me. I had to do something and this is it. Why are we moving so far backwards when it comes to sexual violence? Already removing funding from rape crisis centres, Ford is creating an unsafe environment for the people of Ontario, and giving the green light for sexual predators who assault and use sexual violence against their victims to continue to do so because that person(s) decided to drink or otherwise become intoxicated. Those of us who have experienced sexually related trauma are reeling. We are hurt, confused, sad, feeling sick, helpless, and most of all angry. Personally, I feel retraumatized. Victimized. I feel attacked. I feel invalidated. This is not okay, and I refuse to let anyone make me feel helpless again.

Please help me in trying to reverse this ruling and make sure that survivors get at least some of the justice from these terrible crimes that they so desperately deserve.

Help me to tell Ford that this is NOT going to fly with Ontario citizens. This is NOT going to fly with Canadians. This is NOT going to fly with our allies all over the world.

Two percent of rape victims report their trauma. Only two percent. Two in every hundred people, 4 in every 200 people, 6 in every 300 people, and so on. Does that seem right to you? People are so afraid to report as it stands because of victim shaming, and having zero confidence in the justice system. Ive been there. Ive had officers tell me what when they spoke to my attacker(s), that he seemed like a nice guy. Yes, he actually said that. They asked what I was wearing, if I had been drinking enough to have a fuzzy memory, If I was sure that what happened, actually happened. They questioned my statement because I had had a few drinks at dinner and was then drugged in relation to my trauma. This is not just me... this is happening to thousands of people every single day. This fight hard enough as it is. We are the ones left to deal with the emotional and physical effects while our attackers walk the street.

Please help us fight. Don't let this happen. Thank you for reading this, for signing this, for sharing this, and for your time.