Bring back the Ontario Knife Company RD line of knives

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Jacob Peterson
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In the last few years Ontario has had to take an axe to about half of their product line- knives that maybe we didn't realize we should be buying!

Not only have we lost a number of AWESOME SP and SP gen 2 knives- but Ontario's Ranger line of knives designed by Justin Gingrich have all but been cut out, namely the Rd4, Rd7, and Rd9.

While the Rd4 has been supplanted by the existing Ontario Falcon, and the Rd7 by the still made Rd6, nothing compares with the Rd9, and the robust features of this beefy lineup are so unique on the market that we need them all!

If you agree, this is your chance to voice your opinion! If you feel like you need a Rd4, Rd7, and/ or a Rd9 in your life, let Ontario Knife Company know by signing the petition, and let's bring these knives to the forfront of the budget bushcraft/ survival market!!!


Once they are brought back, vote with your money, and bring the RD series to the forfront of Ontario Knife Company as their flagship line, as opposed to the RAT series of Esee ripoffs.