A safe place to live

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Where to start? Many issues but the main one is finding a safe place to live right now

May 2016 I was diagnosed with a cerebellar ataxia and mild encephalitis blamed on Influenza B. Overnight I was paralyzed to the point I could not move a bedsheet, and now 2+ years later I am still working on poor speech & movement.

After hospital discharge I lived for 2 more years in the 100 year old building I lived in for 13 years before becoming sick/disabled. Molds probably played a big role, as well as very possible lead paint & copper pipes. I have tests in the works to confirm this, but they are out of pocket.

May 2018 my boyfriend and me tried to move to a safer rental to give my body an opportunity to get well. This was a dream for a few weeks until the ground defrosted and revealed the moldy, cold, wet, damp nightmare it was. We had to toss our moldy wet mattress, many moldy wet boxes, run 8 dehumidifiers and fans 24/7, the cat started smelling musky, and we ultimately had to stay in a hotel from June 12th to July 1st, while travelling back to the mess daily to empty dehumidifiers of water and pack.

July 2018 we moved to another rental. It had its own issues not seen in a 15 min viewing, otherwise the renovations appeared beautiful as the former residence did. The bathroom smelled of moldy melons, this wafted to our bedroom. The metal fixtures were rusted from moisture. We had an electrical panel in our bedroom, hidden behind a door, stunk of musk when opened. The foundation was cracked on the adjacent outside wall & the ground sloped toward house there. The washer and dryer ruined some clothes and cloths and towels with black marks. They were front loaders, known for the mildew that builds up. I had to scrub this in my disabled state. On doing the end of tenancy inspection, I tried showing the landlord pictures of moldy furnace tubes I discovered that day. She pushed me, spinning me in process, said "goodbye". I didn't fall but tripped, if I hadn't done over a year of yoga & tai chi etc I would've fallen. A city inspector had 2 weeks to come before we moved, they were contacted multiple times but never came. Now apparently we can't have an inspector go there because we moved.

Sept 2018 we moved into an apartment building. Finally, in 4 months a sense of home. Sept 10th with the strong rain the bedroom ceiling leaked waking me up. It is Sept 27 now and nothing has been fixed. The ceiling has leaked again although not as bad as the first time. The bed is crammed in the living room. It has festered for 17 days and now I get musky wafts or cat pee (another black mold smell) wafts opening the window. We have multiple fans and dehumidifiers going to keep the area dry as possible. Apparently the apartment across the hall from us has a pillar in the dining room that fills with water so much when it rains that the paint bubbled out. These are both newly renovated units and it makes you wonder if the former occupants were quick to move because of the ongoing issues.

To remind you I am disabled and 5 months of water issues would be enough to burden any full capacity person. I have poor speech & mobility but also some sensory issues where more than 1 thing at a time overwhelms me. I would like this madness to stop and be able to focus on my recovery.