How can our health workers meet the health needs and locations of Ontarians.

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Currently there is a three (3) year - minimum - wait list to find a doctor or nurse practitioner in Petawawa, Ontario. 

Families are constantly up-rooted to Petawawa and surrounding area due to the posting of their military spouse, leaving behind their entire support network.  They arrive here and cannot see a doctor for basic medical needs because there are no walk-in clinics and no doctors taking new patients. They cannot go to the ER basic medical needs or for prescription renewals because the Deep River Hospital ER policy states that:

"Our Emergency Department Does Not Offer:

  • Allergy injections
  • Employment physical and assessments
  • Immunization (routine or travel)
  • Insurance forms (Private, Ontario Disability Support Program)
  • Prescription renewals (narcotics, medical marijuana, routine medication renewals)
  • Routine physicals
  • Routine Screening (Pap tests, colon cancer etc.)
  • TB skin tests
  • Travel assessments" 

In a recent discussion with a Health Care Connect representative about the above-mentioned facts, she mentioned that this was unreasonable given that for some of us, it is our ONLY option!!!

Recent studies do show that we have more doctors than ever before. So how is this possible when many don't have a doctor or wait days, weeks or even months for a medical appointment? That is because many aren't located where they are most needed, that is why. 

Also, the health workers are not utilizing their knowledge and skills to the extent that they could, simply not practicing in a way that addresses the health needs of Ontarians. 

If only OHIP could reorganize how health care is provided and better support the doctors we do currently have.

"Do we have enough doctors?" is no longer a debate. We should be asking how can Ontario make better use of the current health workers in our system and provide the best health care to ALL Ontarians.

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