Should 15+ year-old students have a say in which teachers should be "laid off" in Ontario?

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  • If the teachers have to be "laid off" due to specific circumstances by the Ontario government. Then students should be able to have a say as the consumers in what specific teachers are being "laid off".
  • Preventing a dedicated teacher from being laid off due to their seniority.
  • Whereas, teachers that are not doing their job truthfully are being rightfully "laid off" as they're not able to meet their requirements

Why should students be given the right to vote?

Since students are the consumers of this education service there is no better target audience to ask. Since these changes impact students the most out of all the groups.

Though only students over the age of 15 should be able to vote for which teachers to "lay off" since that is a time of mature age.

Student's input will help the Ontario government to choose which teachers are benefitting the education and which are not as much. The government and students both have the same goal, to increase our quality of education, but by laying off teachers that do exactly that just due to their seniority is the wrong way to solve the solution. Therefore, students should have a vote in what teachers should/should not be "laid off".