Ontario Government: Make school boards spend our tax money on students!

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 District School Board Ontario North East (D.S.B.O.N.E.), which is based in Timmins, Ontario, has promoted its Human Resources Manager to Superintendent.  It's estimated, with the use of data from the Public Sector Salary Disclosure 2017, that  this person's salary will increase by at least 8%, or some $12,687.79. 

Taxpayers' dollars should be more wisely spent.  Creating a new title for the Human Resources administrator and giving the holder of that title a raise in pay will not significantly improve the educational experience for D.S.B.O.N.E. students.  A school board should invest our tax money into student learning and not give unwarranted raises to administrators.

Tax money is not being wisely spent in this instance.  According to the school board's own 2018 press release, enrollment at D.S.B.O.N.E. has decreased in recent years by almost 45%.  Why increase the pay of the  human resources department administrator when declining enrollment dictates that the scope of this administrator's work has consequently declined?  Additionally, the Government of Ontario suspended salary increases for public-sector senior executives, including those at school boards, in August 2018.  The raise being given to this manager of human resources seems to contravene government policy.

This school board needs to get the message that spending like this is fiscally irresponsible and does nothing to help it to achieve its mission: educating our children.

Even if you do not designate your support to this school board, please sign this petition to make D.S.B.O.N.E. spend money on students.  Put students first!