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Make It Mandatory for Vehicles to move to the right for Volunteer Fire Fighters.

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Many Communities within Ontario and further more Canada, base their Emergency Services on a "Volunteer" Basis.  These men and women dedicate their time, gas, vehicles and energy to responding to Fire and Emergency calls.  

We all see this "Green Flashing Light" on personal vehicles and some don't know what it means.  If the light is flashing it means that the driver is responding to an Emergency call within his/her Community.  The flashing green light has been around long for at least 20 years, when it was inserted into the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario.

However, there is NO law stating that when you are approached by a vehicle with a "Green Flashing Light" that we need to move to the right or when we approaching a stopped "Green Flashing Light" that we move to the left.

Ontario introduced the "Move-Over and Slow-Down Law" that covers Tow Trucks, which is great, but it DOESN'T include volunteer Emergency Vehicles.

I propose that our Government Leaders expand the Move-Over and Slow-Down laws to cover "Volunteer Vehicles" that are responding to or are at the seen of a Emergency or to rewrite the Highway Traffic Act that covers Volunteer Fire Fighters and Emergency Response.

We need to ensure that our Volunteers can arrive fast and safely to the Emergency, by Moving-Over and Slowing-Down as we do now with Police, Tow Trucks, Fire Trucks and Ambulances.

You never know - They maybe going to your Emergency.


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