All grocery stores across Ottawa to stop providing plastic bags

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Single use plastics such as plastic bags, are one of the biggest polluters of our environment. We have a limited time to reverse climate change and by stopping all grocery stores across Ottawa from using these plastic bags, it can make a big change, and hopefully encourage the whole province to do the same and in the future the whole country and then other countries. Our future, our children, and our planet are all going to be affected by climate change if WE DON’T DO SOMETHING. This is a great way to create a change.

Instead of providing plastic bags, grocery stores can offer reusable bags for a price, OR provide biodegradable/compostable bags that are made of organic material such as food. 

Stores like Costco don’t provide any type of bags and it works. Why can’t other grocery stores do the same?

According to the Canadian Government we need a minimum of 500 signatures for this to be put into action! AND WE CAN DO IT