Lose the Cannabis retail Lottery

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The world is watching and this is how we treat our good and kind citizens. 
I've been biting my lip and being a polite, and kind Canadian .
This is BS (excuse my language) .
I've been to several of the "lottery winner" stores . Is it really about luck? �‍♀️
Our home and native land is failing miserably at this . 
Time to do what's right because we're Canadians and that's what we do!
I'm ashamed, I'm embarrassed and I'm sorry and we all should be too.

There is NO winner is this current lottery system. "The best man wins" "fair is fair" just isn't the case.There are Canadian citizens that have been fighting for legalization and the rights of Canadian Cannabis consumers for almost 20 years. 

*Abi Roach from Toronto, owner of The Hot box cafe for example!  I'm not suggesting she needs luck, she's more than qualified to own and run a legal cannabis shop, that all Canadians can be proud of ( even the non cannabis consumer) . #wethenorth 

In brief. We're Canadians while the rest of the world is fighting with each other and spreading anything but kindness, We have the opportunity to do the right thing ,the kind thing, the CANADIAN thing, LOSE THE LOTTERY!

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