Ban Ontario government from allowing intoxication as a defense for sexual assault

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Ontario government has just passed a law that allows the accused to use intoxication as a defence for sexual assault. This means assaulters can be found not guilty of assault, harassment and rape due to the fact that they were highly intoxicated.

As of right now, less than 50% of assault cases receive a guilty verdict, with this new law it will be even less. A very large number of cases happen on college/university campuses where alcohol and drugs are almost always present. Intoxication is NEVER an excuse to violate a person’s body. Substances affect each person differently and there is too much grey area in determining if the person was aware of their actions. 

This law is detrimental to justice for sexual assault victims. Canada needs to be working toward ensuring more victims receive the justice they so rightfully deserve, not the opposite.

Sign this petition to show government officials that you stand with sexual assault victims. Together we can make a difference. Use your voice to help survivors get their justice and properly heal from the trauma they have endured. Share this petition with as many friends as possible.