Our Earth is UnderThreat from the Chemical Glyphosate?

Our Earth is UnderThreat from the Chemical Glyphosate?

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Why are we trying to save our planet? Because we love it, and all it contains.   From koala bears to Grizzly bears, Most humans love our family pets, cats and dogs, along with all Mother Natures animals, and want it to survive indefinitely. 
So why are we poisoning it with an Herbicide called Roundup? Unfortunately, it’s an Herbicide that was first called Agent Orange and it’s initial use was in Viet Nam to defoliate the jungles, to prevent the Viet Cong, from sneaking up on USA soldiers, and would also show the supply lines that the enemy were using.
Since that time however, it’s come a long way chemically speaking, and now contains the chemical called Glyphosate, which according to the World Health Organization, is  now considered a known carcinogen, which causes Hodgkins Lymphoma disease in humans, while possibly responsible for causing cancer in our family pets.   
This same chemical has now been changed so that genetically modified crops, like some grain crops, like Corn Flakes and numerous other crops can now be sprayed with industrial type “Roundup” to prevent any weed growth in edible crops, that we humans consume every day. Even Canadian beer contains Barley that’s been suspected of being genetically modified to prevent it from being destroyed by Roundup, which does not harm the crops. It kills all weeds while allowing the GMO crop to keep on growing, while much of the spray is now taken up by the edible crop, that we all consume. The United States Health department has stated that every single person in the United Staes now has  Roundup (and Glyphosate) in their bodies. Can you remember when our government talked about GMO crops and the big Hoo Ha, that followed, about wether they should be identified on store shelves or not? It went nowhere, unfortunately, as it would have, given one a choice of eating something not genetically altered or poisoned with the chemical Glyphosate. 
Unfortunately my wife and I suffered through the deaths of both of our family pets. Due to the spraying of Roundup down our Road, quite near to our home.  The local township admitted to me that “ Yes” they would keep on using Roundup as long as it remains “legal”

A farmer also used this herbicide in order to clear a very large field of grass and weeds, in order to grow a cash crop of edible something or other. When it was first sprayed I did not even think that it could be something as dangerous as “Roundup” as it’s known to contain the carcinogenic Glyphosate. Obviously the wind carried it over to our property, where both dogs used to be outside all the time.  
My wife and I ended up losing both of our beloved family dogs, to this poisonous herbicide, but only the vets diagnosis would be able to prove it. He knew after he took a blood sample and put it under the microscope that it was a “virulent cancer” that he was quite familiar with.
The list of harm concerning this chemical is long, and has become quite familiar to Bee keepers, who blame the deaths of hundreds of thousands of bees and other non invasive insects, due to this chemical scourge. The list of missing insects and other animals is long and could also be related to the disappearing of the brown bat population in rural Ontario. All much denied by the promoters of this chemical herbicide. 
It says much when you discover that (19) European countries have banned this chemical from being used anywhere in their countries, for the very reasons I have already outlined to you.
We need to demand that Roundup be banned in Ontario, and the rest of Canada, before we discover that it too, like DDT is not just another chemical, that claims to be totally harmless, if used correctly. This herbicide is not just another garden Type Herbicide! There is no safe way to use Glyphosate any way, or anywhere in Ontario or Canada! 
How does one use a chemical called Glyphosate carefully, when edible crops have been genetically altered to accept Glyphosate into its complete DNA plantsystem, without significantly altering its DNA, which is what was intentionally done to various grain, and many other farm crops to enable, them to be sprayed with this herbicide, while killing all other invasive plant species and insects.

We need to let our governments know that this chemical is just not acceptable on any of our edible foods or grains, that is for human consumption or that of our family pets. In fact all crops meant for human consumption should be certified Glyphosate free! As the public now can no longer trust the packers of total honesty in their dealings with large corporation vegetable sellers and buyers. The Ontario government has stood by long enough and allowed Corporate Chemical Companies to allow this poison to be used on most of what we eat, it’s time to change all this back to what used to be considered wholesome farm foods.
It’s time for all our governments to ban this cancer causing chemical and bee killer to be totally banned from use anywhere in this country, including any and all imports from the USA, which are known to have been contaminated with Roundup, Glyphosate, or any other genetic altering chemicals. We are tired of being subjected to corporate greed in their vain attempts to tamper and change our ways of growing food, that ends up going  into our bodies.

Good old fashioned farm grown food is what we look forward to, not chemically grown and DNA modified non edible food. I want my government to change the guides concerning  how my food is grown, to reflect todays demands that we all want chemical free food, not genetically altered food. I want my grandchildren to eat and be safe  from it while gaining all the benefits from eating wholesome healthy chemical free food. And we don’t think that that’s too much to ask for in this day and age, do you? After all we are now in a fight for our grandchildrens lives, as Carbon is now being touted as the works greatest threat to Mother Earth, yet we continue to allow chemical companies to creat and sell chemicals that do nothing for us or our planet, except creat more poisons which is making life on this planet ever more difficult for our off spring, along with their children now. Ask your MP if he or she is willing to stand up and say out loud that if they succeed in the next election, they promise to vote for banning Roundup for ever in your Province.
Time to test their honesty and outlook about our needs for Mother Earth, before it’s too  damn late!!

Graham Hawkridge



128 have signed. Let’s get to 200!