Equal rights for father's

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For the record this is not ALL women and not everyone's situation, but there are more situations like this than there should be, let's do something about this please !!!

There are way to many rights to a mother and not even close to enough for a father.

Family Law claims their concern for the children and their need for father's in their lives and yet fathers are ripped of not only their relationship with their children but the amount of support given to the mother does not allow for the father to live a normal stable life.

These are the changes we would like to see happen:

BOTH are given equal amount of time with child 50/50

BOTH are entitled to Ontario Child Tax benefit

Unless the father is not involved in the child's life, there is no support that should be given. The father should be entitled to 50% of time with their child/ren and therefore paying for the child's needs. Anything above and beyond, being dental, extracurricular etc can be split 50/50.

BOTH have access to all health records school records, passports & health cards.

BOTH allowed equal amount of vacation time.

BOTH brought a child into this world

BOTH have jobs

BOTH have bills, groceries, and possibly other children and wives.

There is no need for a man to end up with bounced mortgage and bill payments and no food in the house when the Family Law is so concerned with the father being active.

So many fathers have had to give up their rights because they simply cannot afford what the Family Law is asking them to do.

If a father is not active in the child's life they should pay support, seeing as the mother has taken on full responsibility of the child they created together.

I am a mother of a child whose father chose to leave, and he pays child support, and I am also a wife to someone who is not given much access to his child and it's not right !

I have seen so many men lose their lives and end up with nothing left to even live a life and when they had the kids, couldn't even take them to see a movie or go get ice cream!! How is that Ok!?

Women don't need their babies father, but they need their benefits & child support.

Women go pamper themselves and have all the money coming in to support the children financially and to make herself look good but the father suffers ??? Why !?!??! I cannot understand this !




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